Soulful Warriors Book - George Underwood



This book covers George Underwood's personal journey from the 1960s music scene to success as a commerical artist and exhibiting around the world. 

How he met David Jones (Bowie) at 9 years old and becoming best of friends.

In 1964, while a student at Beckenham College of Art, George formed a band called The King Bees with his friend David Jones. Jones would later become David Bowie. George recorded a solo record as 'Calvin James' with producer Micky Most, but George decided the music business was not for him and returned to art school.

George’s talent as a painter did not escape the notice of his friends in the booming British music scene, and he was commissioned to create album covers for bands such as T.Rex, Procol Harum, Gentle Giant and his old school friend David Bowie.

Establishing himself as a leading commercial artist and creative Illustrator, George went on to produce book jackets, LP and CD covers, poster art and private commissions. In the mid-seventies he began painting in oils, which eventually led to him exhibiting his work in galleries in UK and worldwide.